Welcome to the Institute of Global Physiotherapy Mézières.

IFGM, training company based in Barcelona, runs the training project on the Mézières Method in Spain and Latin American countries, and has the backing of the French association AMIK - Association Internationale de Kinésithérapie Mézièriste -

The Mézières training is done with the support of the University

We are a dynamic team, our challenge is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge in all matters relating to the global myofascial physicaltherapy. So we build a quality formation, we publish the Fisioglobal magazine, we create research projects and we develop technologies to improve the diagnosis in physiotherapy like the ADiBAS system.

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Technological innovation and scientific evidence

The ADiBAS posture clinical diagnosis system is the best solution to analyze automatically the posture in 3D. The technology platform uses depth maps obtained from the Kinect ™ camera. The data provided by the software determine the distances and angles according to user requirements.

PhysicalTech is a technology company based in Barcelona, specializes in intelligent data analysis in the field of health, physical activity and sport. Our company is focused on research, development and marketing of solutions aimed at health professionals and physical activity.